Tyler Saldutti-Birch Hill Properties-Glenwood Apartments

Tyler Saldutti, Principal Owner of Birch Hill Properties, Owner of Glenwood Apartments in Jacksonville Florida is discriminating & retaliating against an elderly, disabled tenant who has ALS. Tyler Saldutti has bullied & harassed her, & denying her Renewal of her Lease, even though they have paid their rent on time for years. Tyler Saldutti has denied them the opportunity to rent based on their disabilities. Also Tyler Saldutti, Neil Hemenway (Prime Reality Property Manager) and Tiffany Lane (Prime Reality Property Mananger)  stated the reason the tenants were not allowed to renew their lease was because she was diagnosed with ALS and didn’t want them to die in their apt & they didn’t want to accomodate to their disabilities.  Also tenants apartment was flooded by a neighboring tenant, and due to the neglect of the owners addressing and removing the mold properly,  tenants asked for the mold to be addressed, and removed. Owners refused to address the mold. Then they were given a Non Renewal of Lease a week later, even though tenants have payed their rent on time for years. There are also incriminating text messages, validating the discrimination & retaliation. They had major difficulty getting a ramp for their apt, after they were told it would cost them hundreds of dollars. Once the tenants threatened  the Va being called, a ramp was installed a yr later. Also Glenwood has not issued the elderly & disabled leases for yrs, but the younger working tenants get a lease every yr.Hmmmm??? Their neglect of removing the mold has affected & accelerated her ALS & his COPD. There have been many apts in Glenwood engulfed with Mold. She is getting an electric wheelchair soon & they will not provide her with a real, adequate, professional ramp. A Hud Complaint & JHRC complaint was filed & Tyler Saldutti called them, asking them to remove the complaint that he would give the tenants a lease. Well, needless to say he lied, and is still denying them a lease, & is telling them they have to be out by the end of December.  Tyler Saldutti thinks he can bully the elderly, discriminate against the elderly and retaliate against the elderly. Neil Hemenway, stated he has to be careful in how he handles the black tenants, but had no regards to the elderly & disabled. Also they have been involved in illegal crimes, and filed many fraudulent insurance claims (including a major fire damaged apartment). Glenwood apartments are not up to code. IRS needs to investigate the illegal funneling of money and the revenue claimed by Glenwood. Future tenants, do not rent from Glenwood bc they don’t give you your deposit back, they have special rules for special people, they have not improved their lighting or security. Murders have occurred, drugs, they rent to dangerous child molestors, & dangerous tenants who just got out of prison or a mental institution. One tenant had to be baker acted, a week after she moved in, bc she was off of her meds, threatening to kill everyone, going crazy etc. This place has gone down hill since Keith sold it to Tyler. Tyler Saldutti will not get away with harassing, bulling & threatening elderly tenants, especially the tenant dying from ALS. Tyler also owns many other Apartment complexes. So do your homework before renting from this crook Tyler Saldutti.


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